Swanson Technologies


I write computer programs called demos. These demos display computer-generated graphics set to music, and often have weird limitations like running in text-only mode or staying below a certain file size. The main purpose of a demo is to show off programming skillz and to compete against other demos. I wrote a few of these demos alone, but most of them with the help of a group. When I write demos, I go by the name s_tec.

YearNameMy RatingDemo TypeDemo Group
2008Eco♥♥♥4K IntroTrailer Park Demos
2008Zephyr♥♥♥♥DemoTrailer Park Demos
2007Blockparty 2008 Invitation♥♥♥♥♥DemoTrailer Park Demos
2007µkandy♥♥♥4K IntroTrailer Park Demos
2005TextelTextmodeTrailer Park Demos
2005Freefall♥♥♥♥♥DemoTrailer Park Demos
2005Pilgrimage Invitation 2005♥♥♥DemoTrailer Park Demos
2004Rivulet♥♥♥♥♥TextmodeTrailer Park Demos
2004io♥♥4K Intronone
2004Pilgrimage Invitation 2004♥♥♥♥DemoNorthern Dragons
2004Polaris Birthday Demo♥♥DemoNorthern Dragons
2003Zero♥♥♥4K TextmodeNorthern Dragons
20030x0f♥♥16 Byte IntroNorthern Dragons
2003The Etherium♥♥♥4K IntroNorthern Dragons