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Tweak Disk

When most computers start with a floppy disk in the drive, they display an error message asking you to remove the disk. Tweak Disk allows you to replace the standard error message on a floppy disk with a custom message. The modified disk will display your message whenever it is left in the drive at system startup.

System administrators and software developers can use Tweak Disk to provide a more positive experience to users who forget their disks in their drives. The message "Please remove the MyApp setup disk from the drive" is a much more pleasant than "Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready."

Practical jokers can use Tweak Disk for harmless fun at the expense of others. Imagine someone's surprise when they see their computer display, "I really would like the day off," instead of starting Windows. Simply use Tweak Disk to make a floppy with your message and leave it in the victim's drive.

Tweak Disk comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Tweak Disk is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under the conditions of the GNU General Public License. For details, see the file GPL.txt included in this download.

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